1 Duck on a Bike

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Duck on a Bike

Written by David Shannon

Reviewed by Molly L. (age 5)

This book happens on a farm. A duck sees a bike and he gets on it. It belongs to a boy who is having a birthday party. The duck starts riding the bike. He sees some animals, like a cow, and he sees a goat, and he sees a dog. Some of the animals say he's gonna hurt himself and some say it's a good idea. He rides past the cat, and he says, "Hello, Cat!" but she thinks she wouldn't waste her time riding a bike. He goes past a horse, but the horse thinks he is faster than a bike. But at the end, they all start riding bikes! Then duck sees a tractor and he gets an idea for a duck on a tractor!

My favorite character is the horse, because my favorite animals are horses and that's who I drew. My favorite part is when he rides past the horse and the horse thinks he can go faster, but he doesn't know. This book reminds me of Kelsey and Abbey's friends Mae and Michelle, because they have a horse, but it's getting old.

My sister Kelsey would like this book because she likes horses, too, and there is a horse in the book.

(This review was dictated to Mrs. Mantooth)