1 Epossumondas

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Written by Coleen Salley

Illustrated by Janet Stevens

Reviewed by Natalie B. (age 5)

The story is about Epossumondas. His mom and auntie love him. He goes to visit his auntie, and he gets something every day. And his mom always looks and says, "You don't have the sense you were born with!" Some things he brings home are cake, a dog and butter. When he came home with the cake, it was all smooshy. When he brings home the dog, his mom says, "That's no way to bring home a dog. The way to bring home a dog is, you get a leash and tie it on its neck and bring it along home!" When he came home with the butter, he put it in his hat and it melted in the hat. At the end his mom says, "I'm going to Auntie's to talk. Be careful about stepping on those pies." And Epossumondus steps on the pies!

My favorite character is Epossumondas, 'cause he only wears a diaper and 'cause he didn't understand his mom when she tells him things. He's kind of silly. My favorite part is when he steps on the pies because berries spill out. I like the pictures because they look real.

My brother Adam would like the book because it's funny. It's funny because he doesn't understand what his mom says all the time and he gets into trouble.

(This review was dictated to Mrs. Mantooth