1 Epossumondas

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Written by Coleen Salley

Illustrated by Janet Stevens

Reviewed by Ben G. (age 5)

I read "Epposumondas." His mom and auntie like him really a lot. Every day he went to see his aunt and she would give him something. But he would bring it home the wrong way. His mom would say, "That's no way to carry it home." He always gets confused. At the end she says, "Be careful about stepping on those pies," and he stepped in the middle of every single pie!

My favorite part was when he gets confused with the puppy. I like it when his mom says, "You don't have the sense you were born with!" I like it when she says that because it shows he's silly.My favorite character in the story is Epossumondas, because he's funny. He's funny because he always brings the stuff the wrong way and it makes me laugh. It reminds me of all the other silly books that I have in my home.

My sister and my mom would like it because it's a silly book! It is silly because all the time he brings stuff the wrong way.

(This review was dictated to Mrs. Mantooth.)