1 My Friend and I

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My Friend and I

Written by Lisa Jahn-Clough

Illustrated by Lisa Jahn-Clough

Reviewed by Harman A. (age 5)

My Friend and I

The story starts with a girl and her toys. Then, a family moves in next door with a boy, and he wants to play. They become friends and line up all their toys to play. They wear silly hats, dance and say "hurray!". Then, the boy got a teddy bear and they start to fight over it and they break the bear. The boy says "go away" to his friend, and the girl now has to play by herself. She is sad. Then, they decide to be friends again, and she says she'll fix the bear for him. They put a bandage on him and then on the rest of the toys, too!

My favorite part of this story is when the boy and girl are friends and they are playing with all of their toys. I like this part because I like my friends, too. My favorite picture in the book is when the boy and girl are fighting. They look so mad!

This book will make you feel happy because we all like to have friends. It is funny when they break the bear and fix him with bandages and fix all the other toys with bandages. My brother would also like this book, but he is 3 and he breaks books. I think the broken bear picture will make you laugh!

(dictated by Harman A.)