1 Bright Eyes, Brown Skin

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Bright Eyes, Brown Skin

Written by Cheryl Hudson

Illustrated by George Ford

Reviewed by Alysa T. (age 7) & Alicia G. (age 7)

Bright Eyes, Brown Skin

This book is about two boys and two girls who do not care that each of their skin is a different color. They are all friends who spend the day at school doing lots of things together.

We liked this book because it is about friends. We are friends and we have different color skin just like the characters in this book. The friends do lots of fun things together. They read. They paint. They eat lunch. We really liked that all the boys and girls were nice to each other and played together. In our class the boys don't always play with the girls. The book doesn't have many words. The pictures tell the story.

This book is good to read if you want to make friends. This book is good if you like picture books.