1 A Story of a Christmas Mouse

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A Story of a Christmas Mouse

Written by Juddith Frieguello

Illustrated by Judith Friguello

Reviewed by Dionyah W. (age 10)

Have you had a mouse that wishes you a very Merry Christmas? This story is about a mouse that wanted to help Santa and his friend.

The Christmas mouse was very helpful to his friend by helping in the following ways: He trimmed the trees, swept the floors and opened the door for Santa. The Christmas Mouse was so close to his friend that he lived beneath his floor.

What I have learned from this book is that animals can be very helpful to human beings. I like the illustration because it is so helpful, it allows me to fully understand the story. I will recommend this book to a friend because it teaches that animals can play helpful roles in people?s lives.

Dionyah W.
is a student in
Union Chapel