1 What a Trip, Amber Brown

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What a Trip, Amber Brown

Written by Paula Danziger

Illustrated by Tony Ross

Reviewed by Mel L. (age 8)

What a Trip, Amber Brown

Amber and her friend, Justin go on a trip. Danny comes with them. They vacation in a house with a treehouse and a pool. They really want to camp out in the backyard, even Danny. Their moms say they have to wait until their dads come home. It is hard for them to wait, but they finally come home. Read the book to find out what happens when they camp out.

I think people should read this book because it was funny. I think it was funny because Justin threw all of his clothes on the ground while Amber folded hers neatly and Justin tried to cheer Amber up when she was mad. Sometimes I try to cheer up my brother when he is mad. I have read other Amber Brown books before. This one is a little different because she is younger in this book than in the other books I read. Amber learned to be patient and wait for something good to happen. Sometimes, I have a hard time being patient. I have to find something to do while I wait. Waiting can be hard.

I like stories about kids that could be real. I also like stories about little girls because I am a little girl. If you are a girl or you have a hard time being patient, read this book.