1 The Big, Wide-Mouthed Frog

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The Big, Wide-Mouthed Frog

Written by Ana Martin Larranaga

Illustrated by Ana Martin Larranaga

Reviewed by Oscar G. (age 8)

The Big, Wide-Mouthed Frog

This book is about a big, wide-mouthed frog who keeps on bragging about his big, wide mouth. In the end, he sees a crocodile and he braggs about his big, wide mouth. He says, "I'm a big, wide-mouthed frog and I eat flies. What do you eat?" and the crocodile answers, "Big, wide-mouthed frogs."

I liked the story because the end is funny because the big, wide-mouthed frog says, "I'm off!" My favorite character was the big, wide-mouthed frog. He was so funny when he was bragging. My favorite part was when the frog talked to the crocodile and the fly laughed and the frog... well, you will have to read the story to find out what happened to the frog!

I recommend this book because it is really funny. If you like funny, silly stories, then you should read this one.