1 What! Cried Granny

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What! Cried Granny

Written by Kate Lum

Illustrated by Adrian Johnson

Reviewed by Benjamin C. (age 10)

What! Cried Granny

This book is about an almost bedtime story. The boy's granny wants the boy to go to sleep. His granny has to make a lot of things so the boy could go to sleep. That was hard for her. At the end the granny ran away.

I like two parts in this book. I like when she made the teddy bear, and when she ran away. I like those parts because they are funny. I really like the drawings and the writing. This book is hilarious because every time the grandma asks the boy to go to sleep he says that he doesn't have a pillow or stuff that he needs to go to sleep.

I recommend this book to kids that want to have a good laugh. The book might teach you about what to do when you're going to sleep.