1 The Emperor's Egg

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The Emperor's Egg

Written by Martin Jenkins

Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Reviewed by J.M. (age 7) & S.P. (age 6)

The Emperor's Egg

This book is not a story book, but a book that gives true facts. It is all about a certain kind of penguin, the Emperor penguin. It tells all about how the dad penguin takes care of the egg. He has to keep it warm for two months. After the baby comes out of the egg, the mom comes. Some parts are cute and some parts are gross!

I (J.M.) think this is a good book to read because it tells real things that are really true. I (S.P.) think the baby chick is so cute, the pictures looks so real. We thought it was interesting that the daddy keeps the egg warm.

Other people should read this book because it has a lot of interesting information about penguins. If you are learning about penguins or the Antarctica you should check this book out at the library!