1 Sammy the Seal

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Sammy the Seal

Written by Syd Hoff

Illustrated by Syd Hoff

Reviewed by S.R. (age 5) & M.P. (age 7)

Sammy the Seal

This book is about a seal named Sammy. He lives in the zoo but he wants to go for a walk. He sees a store full of goldfish, he also talks to some birds. Everyone just keeps telling Sammy that there is no room for him. He feels very left out. Then he goes to a school and the teacher lets him stay to have fun.

I (S.R.) think this is a special book because Sammy got to go for a walk. I ( M.P.) was glad to see that Sammy got to stay at the school. We think it would be funny to see a seal at school.

We think a lot of people would like to read this story. It is cute and funny. Maybe people who work at a zoo would like to read it because it is silly.