1 Bumps in the Night

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Bumps in the Night

Written by Ann Rockwell

Illustrated by Ann Rockwell

Reviewed by Christopher P. (age 8)

Bumps in the Night

There was a castle that no one would go in because it was haunted. There?s a person named Toby and he went in the castle, he made a fire, put a pot on the fire and made eggs. Then he heard a sound "Owwwwwooooo-" and he got scared. A foot came down and then another foot came down and then a body came down and he put the body back together. But he forgot to add the head and then he added it. The person that he made was a ghost. The ghost told Toby what happened to him. He got chopped up by robbers who stole his gold. You should read this book to see what happens in the end.

I think this book is good because Toby was nice because he put the ghost back together and because he helps the ghost fix up the castle. The ghost was nice because he did something special at the end.