1 Why Can't I Fly?

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Why Can't I Fly?

Written by Rita Golden Gelman

Illustrated by Jack Kent

Reviewed by Luna H. (age 7)

Why Can't I Fly?

This book is about a monkey named Minnie who wants to fly. Minnie can run, jump high, swing and hang but she can?t fly. So she tries to fly by taking her boots off but she climbs to the top of the tree and she jumps and she falls. So she tries again to fly by singing a song but she doesn?t fly. She meets a ladybug and the ladybug tells her that she needs spots to fly. The ladybug paints her with spots. Minnie climbs to the top of the tree and says, ?I can fly, I can fly? but then flops. She meets a duck and the duck says that she needs feathers. The duck glues feathers on Minnie. She climbs to the top of the tree and she jumps and she falls. Minnie meets a butterfly and the butterfly tells her she needs wings. She makes wings with paper, scissors and paint. She climbs up the tree again and she jumps and she falls down again. Minnie is sad because she can?t fly. Her friends, the duck, the ladybug and the butterfly take a blanket and when she climbs up the tree and jumps, she lands in the blanket and her friends carry her in the air.

I like the book because it was funny and my favorite part is when she kept saying, "I can fly, I can fly" and she flops. I liked the pictures because if I was the illustrator I?d draw pictures like these. I learned that she tried all this time to fly but she can?t do it alone and she needs her friends with her to fly.

I would recommend this book to Monica and Starr because it is funny and exciting. I?d recommend this book to big kids because it is nice to read with a big kid and they can help you read this book.