1 Why the Coqui Sings

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Why the Coqui Sings

Written by Elinor Chamas

Illustrated by Denise and Fernando

Reviewed by Hugo H. (age 7)

Why the Coqui Sings

Pepito read a story to all the coquis. The animals are in the jungle. The parrot king is sad and wakes everybody up. The animals will have a race. Pepito closes his eyes and thinks about how he can win. Pepito tries to run faster. Read the story to find out what happens.

I liked this book because the coqui can run fast. Pepito is my favorite character because he can run fast and he is strong. The book made me feel happy because the coquis could win the race.

People should read this book because it is funny and exciting. I like how Pepito runs fast and wins the race. Kordell and Bryson would like this book because they can also run fast.

(This review was dictated to an adult.)