1 Are You A Bee?

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Are You A Bee?

Written by Judy Allen

Reviewed by Leslie M. (age 5)

Are You A Bee?

You can learn about bumble bees in this book. The baby bees live in a cell and their sisters bring them food. The bumble bees use their wings to dry the honey. The queen lays eggs. Bees have big eyes and antennas. They talk with their antennas. Do you want to learn more about bees? Read this book.

I liked this book because there were so many things to learn about bumble bees. I learned they can talk with antennas and they can fly. The book made me feel happy because bumble bees are my favorite animal.

You should read this book because they talk about bumble bees and you can learn a lot. My daddy would be a good person to read this book. He can learn about bees in English. He is learning to speak English. My cousin would like this book because she wants to learn about bees.

(This review was told to an adult.)