1 Magic Tree House: Midnight on the Moon

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Magic Tree House: Midnight on the Moon

Written by Mary Pope Osborne

Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by Aidan M. (age 7)

Magic Tree House: Midnight on the Moon

Three...two...one...Blast Off! Jack and Annie have just landed on the moon in their Magic Tree House. Jack and Annie are a brother and sister who found a magic tree house that can take them into different time periods. During this adventure, the magic tree house took them into the future to a moon base that was built on the moon in the year 2031.

I really like this book because I'm very interested in the future and in space. My favorite part of the book was when Jack and Annie started exploring the moon. This is my favorite part because they can jump very high since there is less gravity on the moon. The illustrations are sketched using the colors red, black and white. The illustrations help me to know what Jack and Annie look like and what they are exploring.

Jack reminds me of myself because he is very curious and wants to learn all there is to know about different topics. I am very curious about many things and like to read books to discover all I can learn about a topic. I really like learning about space and love to draw rockets and space ships. I started a journal and like to write details about things I have explored and learned just like when Jack writes in his notebook.

This book is similar to Third Grade Detectives because the characters resemble each other in the illustrations. The main characters in both books are trying to solve mysteries. They are also similar because the Magic Tree House books are a series and the Third Grade Detectives are a series.

I recommend the book to people who like space and things in the future. This book was easy to read because it was interesting and kept my attention. I think it would be a good book for kindergarten through second grade. This age level would enjoy the book because the characters are the same age group and you can pretend you are one of them. When you pretend you are one of the characters, you feel like you are part of the story.