1 Chatos Kitchen

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Chatos Kitchen

Written by Gary Soto

Illustrated by Susan Guevera

Reviewed by Kayla S. (age 9)

This story was so cool. It was about a cat named Chato and a family of mice. Chato wanted to eat the mice but he had to figure out a way to get the mouse int his house. Chato decided to invite them for dinner. The mice said ok and that were bringing another friend. Chato was so excited that he was going to have all these mice to eat, however Chato never got to eat the mice.

I liked this book because the cat and his friend cooked so much food for the mice. The illustrations were very funny because they showed what the cats look like. They looked cool. My favorite part was the end because instead of the mice being eaten by Chato, he was the one who got the biggest surprise.

I would recommend this book to people who like to read books about people getting what they deserve. If you want to find out whythe cats didnt eat the mice then you should read this book. You'll love it just like I did.