1 Jackie and Me

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Jackie and Me

Written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by Corey T. (age 12)

This book is about a kid that has an ability to travel through time with baseball cards. Joe goes back to 1947 to meet Jackie Robinson, and he turns into a black boy in the process.

My favorite part in this book was when the kid goes back in time to meet Jackie Robinson with baseball cards. It was my favorite part because it was cool he got to meet Jackie Robinson. The character that I found interesting was Joe Stotshack the main character. I found him interesting because he was the one who could use baseball cards to go back in time and got to meet Jackie Robinson. He was a lucky kid. The unique thing about this book is it has real pictures of a store, Yankee stadium and pictures of Jackie Robinson.

I recommend this book to a person that is about 5 to about 20. The thing that might interest readers is the fact that he can go back in time and that he met Jackie Robinson.