1 Where's Lulu?

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Where's Lulu?

Written by William H. Hooks

Illustrated by R.W. Alley

Reviewed by Alex F. (age 8)

Where's Lulu?

A little girl woke up and found a ball on a table by her bed. She found a note under her ball. It said, ?For my best pal. Love, Dad.? She wanted to tell her dad thank you for the ball, but he was asleep. She asked mom if dad could play catch. Mom said, ? Shhhh,? because dad is asleep. His plane was late. The girl wants to play catch so she goes looking for Lulu (the dog). She looked in the kitchen, the hall, the den, the cellar and even outside, but no Lulu. Will the little girl find Lulu?

I liked this book because the little girl asked everyone in her family even the baby, Bebo, where Lulu was. My favorite part was when the girl was bouncing the ball against the fence and Lulu jumped in the air and caught the ball is her mouth. Bebo was a funny character when he was saying, ?Da da da? pointing outside the window.

I recommend this book to kids who like to laugh. There are many funny and happy parts. It tickled my funny bone like the game Operation.