1 Things Not Seen

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Things Not Seen

Written by Andrew Clements

Reviewed by Kerry W. (age 12)

This is a book about a 15 year old boy named Bobby who has a big problem. One day he woke up and took a shower and looked in the mirror and saw nothing but his towel. He was invisible! This book is an excellent book and very enjoyable because he would go through many problems you would find out if you were invisible. For example, Bobby cant were clothes because if he did they would just be walking closes because he is invisible. It is very cold so that would be a problem.

I thought that Alicia was very interesting character. Alicia is blind. I think this because if I was blind and someone told me that they were invisible I know that I would not believe them. That was why I thought that she was an interesting character. My favorite part in this book was when he first met Alicia. I liked this part in the book because Bobby did not know she was blind at first. After they get to know each other Bobby tells her his secret about being invisible and she helps him work out his problem.

I would recommend this book to anyone that is 12-15 years old. I don?t think anyone older would enjoy the book because they wouldn?t think anyone can turn invisible.