1 Bread and Honey

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Bread and Honey

Written by Frank Asch

Illustrated by Frank Asch

Reviewed by Peter K. (age 8) & James L. (age 8)

Bread and Honey

One morning Ben?s mother baked bread but the bread was too hot. Then Ben could not eat it until it was cool after school. That day Ben painted a picture of his mother. On the way home from school Ben met many animals. They gave too much advice to Ben. Owl said, "Make bigger eyes". Alligator said, "Make a bigger mouth." Rabbit said, "Make bigger ears." Elephant said, "Make a longer nose." But the picture of his mother looked so ugly. Ben showed the picture to his mother and Ben?s mother said, "I just love it!" Then Ben ate the bread with lots of honey on the top. Ben?s mother is good. We think she loves Ben too much.

We like honey, too! We like animals, too! We like bread, too! We like all the pictures.