1 Holes

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Written by Louis Sachar

Reviewed by Cody E. (age 10)

Holes was a great story because it is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats, who is kind of like "every boy."

This book takes place at Camp Green Lake, a camp where troubled boys dig holes to build character, but what they do not know is they are really digging to find Kate Barlow's treasure for the warden. The warden really wants to find Kate Barlow's treasure. Kate stole something valuable from Stanley Yelnats' great grandfather many years before. She went out with a shovel and buried it out on the dried up lake called Green Lake so no one could find it.

In this book some really big action happens. Like when Zero, a character in the story hits Mr. Pendanckey, the camp counselor, in the face with the shovel. There are some other action packed events in the story, but I would rather not give them away. I especially liked Zero; he was my favorite character because he has a good idea. When you hear people's question and do not want to answer them, don't. No one thinks he is smart, but he really is. I think this is a five star book because of all the action and the mystery of who will find the treasure. As I read the book I felt a lot of suspense and could not take my eyes of it until I found out what happened next.

I recommend this book to you because if you are a person who likes adventure and comedy, then this book will keep you happy.