1 It's Itchkraft!

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It's Itchkraft!

Written by Dan Greenburg

Illustrated by Jack E. Davis

Reviewed by Aleksy S. (age 9)

It's Itchkraft!

This story is about a boy named Zack who travels into the past. He meets a girl named Prudence. The girl is about 321 years old. Zack takes her to a Halloween dance and the evil Magistrate comes; so Zack, Prudence and Zack's teacher Mrs. Colin-Levin go to Jailem Village to see what's going on. They heard the Magistrate was doing bad things there.

My favorite part is when Zack goes to a restaurant with Prudence and she changes into an owl. Then she turns into a bear. I also liked when her head turned red. She turns into these things because she has witch powers! I think that's cool! My favorite character is Zack because he's very cool and he also solves the mysteries in all of the Zack Files Series of books. I also liked the pictures in this book. They look fun and add to the story. They give you an good idea of what the characters look like.

I recommend this book to children who like mysteries. I also recommend this book to children who enjoy the Zack Files series of books.