1 The Princess and the Pizza

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The Princess and the Pizza

Written by Mary Jane Auch

Reviewed by Sulisa V. (age 9)

The book was about this Princess who wanted to marry a prince. The mother of the prince gave the princess 3 tests. The first was she had to sleep on 16 matresses. Second, she had to try on a glass slipper, and finally she had to make a fine feast.

I think the book is very funny. I think the illustrations are amazing because you can see all the tests the queen gave the princess. My favorite part is when the princess has to sleep on 16 matresses. I liked the princess because she likes to complain.

I think anyone can read this book because it is very funny. It also has illustrations that help you understand what the princess had to do. A reader who would like this book is a person who likes comedy and who likes fairytales.