1 The Biggest House in the World

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The Biggest House in the World

Written by Leo Lionni

Illustrated by Leo Lionni

Reviewed by Sam M. (age 8) & Philip H. (age 8)

The Biggest House in the World

Little snail wants a big, big shell. His father told him a story about another snail who shook his body and his shell grew bigger and bigger until it was as big as my (Sam?s,NULL, NULL) head. And then he got huge points on his shell. On the points there are colors like blue, red, green and yellow. Snail learned a lesson from his father because in the story the snail?s shell got too big and he could not move.

We really like this book because there is a story within a story. One of the pictures is very, very colorful. We recommend this book to kids who like snails.