1 Arthur's Computer Disaster

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Arthur's Computer Disaster

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Quasha W. (age 9) & Stephanie R. (age 8)

Arthur's Computer Disaster

This is a story about Arthur and the computer. Arthur wanted to play a new game that his friend gave him. His mother told him not to touch the computer. Arthur touched the computer and thought he broke it. Arthur was upset that his mom would punish him.

We liked the part of he story when D.W. said "If the computer is broken, then Mom will lose her job and we will have to sleep in the cold!" D.W. overreacted when she thought the computer was broken. She was out of control at the time. Nobody could calm her down. This story reminded us of when Quasha broke her mom's computer, but she confessed and did not get into trouble. Arthur was our favorite character because he also confessed to his mother when he thought he broke the computer.

We recommend this book to children who sometimes don't listen to their parents, but need to. This is a very good book. We think you would like it!