1 Bill Cosby

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Bill Cosby

Written by Michael Schuman

Reviewed by Megan S. (age 12)

This book is about a famous actor and comedian. In this book the author examines the life of this famous entertainer Bill Cosby. From his life in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, throughout his life as a student and comedian, to when he became famous, Cosby has never slowed down, he kept going. He had the determination to be good and to succeed in all his shows and projects. Bill Cosby?s motivation has brought great success. His fans are filled with laughter and entertainment every time he steps on the stage.

I think the book is fun to read. I think it was fun to read about my favorite actor and comedian. My favorite part was reading chapter 8. I liked this chapter because I liked reading how my favorite show, "The Cosby Show" was made. In chapter 8 you read how they picked the actors who they wanted to play in the show. Also, you read how they thought of the show in the first place. There were lots of pictures of Bill Cosby. I liked the pictures of Bill Cosby when he was a high school track star and of him in the T.V. show "I Spy".

I recommend this book to kids from the ages 10 and up. I also recommend this book to people who want to be successful actors or comedians because this book explains how one actor or comedian became successful. The book can be recommended to people who like to watch or read about famous actors or comedians. The readers might be interested in how he became an actor or comedian or how the show was made. If you want to be an author that writes biographies you might want to read and see what the authors writing style is and if you like it you could see how he wrote it.