1 The Name of the Game Was Murder

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The Name of the Game Was Murder

Written by Joan Lowery Nixon

Reviewed by Amber B. (age 11)

The book The Name of The Game was Murder is about a girl named Samantha who goes to visit her Great Uncle Augustus Trevor who is a famous author. Samantha ends up staying there for a whole weekend. The house kind of creeps Samantha out. Then her great uncle invites a bunch of celebrities over for the weekend to have a party. Augustus gets murdered and the whole weekend turns into a murder mystery.

My favorite part of the book was when Augustus gets murdered. This was my favorite part because I love real gory stuff and that was the turning point of the book. As I was reading this book I felt weird. I felt weird because I was sitting here reading a book about someone dying and it makes you think what if the person next to you just all the sudden died? I was wondering what I would do if I was at my Great Uncle?s house and he died and we had to go around and try to figure out why he died and it turned into a murder mystery. This book reminds me about a time when my cousin disappeared and my cat died. My family and I had to go around and trying to find out what happened.

I highly recommend this book to sixth graders because my cousin who is in eighth grade read this book and she said it got boring after a while. If an eighth grader thinks this book is boring then I think an adult would get pretty bored reading it. I think the part of the story that will interest the reader the most is when the story turns into a murder mystery. I also think that another part is when Samantha is sitting in her room and she hears something and gets frightened. Then she hears something fall and then the door handle turns. OH NO! To find out what happened you will have to read the book!