1 Redwall

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Written by Brian Jaques

Illustrated by Gary Chalk

Reviewed by John M. (age 9)


A young mouse, Mattihs, lives peacefully in Redwall Abbey until Cluny the Scurge arrives with his hoard of rats. Mattihs suddenly learns, in a dream, that he has the spirit of Martin, the Warrior, so he goes and gets Martin's sword. If you want to know how he gets the sword and how the book ends, you will have to read it to find out.

I liked the book because it was exciting at the end. My favorite part is when Mattihs gets the sword. This book is part of a series. It is the first in the series. Also, the books are the same because in each book it is good versus evil.

I recommend this book to people who like suspense and action because during the book there is suspense about when Cluny will attack. There is action when Cluny does attack. I think that what will interest the readers is the way that Brian Jacques writes. The age group I would recommend this to is 4th grade and up.