1 Big Black Bear

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Big Black Bear

Written by Wong Yee

Illustrated by Wong Herbert Yee

Reviewed by Tiffany C. (age 9)

Big Black Bear

This story is about a big black bear and a little girl. A Big Black Bear came out of the woods because he smelled something good. He wandered off into the city where the wonderful smell was coming from, where he shouldn't be going. He was in danger, but he was also putting other people in danger. He knocked on a door, where a girl was inside. She said, "Wipe your paws on the mat." The bear didn't and he messed up the little girl's house. He broke the piano and a lamp. He jumped on the chair, which fell back. He wrecked a plant and he did not use a plate to eat his bread. She said, "You're a BIG BAD BEAR with no MANNERS at all!" The bear said, "?I do as I please!" He threatened to eat her. Then the bear's mother came into the house. If you want to know what the mother bear does, then read this book.

I think this book would be very good for people and for smaller children who don't have any manners at all. The bear in the book does not have any manners but he learns them. I also liked this book because it teaches a very good lesson. It teaches a lesson of manners. My favorite part was when the mother bear comes in and tells the little bear to clean up the mess. It was my favorite part because it is very unpleasant to make a mess in someone's house or apartment. My favorite character is the mother bear because she tells the bear with no manners to clean up and say sorry to the little girl.

I recommend this book to smaller children and to adults because smaller kids might have problems with learning manners. Also to parents who are trying to teach their children manners.