1 Tales of a First Grade Nothing

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Tales of a First Grade Nothing

Written by Judy Blume

Reviewed by Gillian P. (age 10)

There was a boy named Peter and he has a brother named Fudge. Peter won a turtle named Dribble. Peter and Fudge are always fighting and they get on each others nerves. Although they are always fighting I learned a valuable lesson, little brothers are annoying, but they are still your brother and you love them anyway.

What I think about this book is that it's a funny story. It's funny because they do all sorts of funny things to each other. My favorite part was when Peter won the green turtle. It was my favorite part because he wanted a pet and he finally got it. What makes this book special is the love between family.

I think other people can read this book because it is funny. I think people who have little brothers or sisters might be able to relate to this story.