1 Esperanza Rising

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Esperanza Rising

Written by Pam Ryan

Reviewed by Gabriela A. (age 10) & Natalie E. (age 10)

Esperanza Rising

Esperanza Rising is a book that encourages people to read. So, let the book take over and let your imagination go wild. In this book Esperanza Rising, Esperanza thinks her life at El Rancho de la Rosas will be perfect forever. In her past she has had Miguel, a special friend she thinks she will marry when she's older. Miguel is the servant's son. She also had in her past, her mama, papa, and her friends, but most of all El Rancho de la Rosas.

Esperanza is twelve going on thirteen when something horrible happens to her loving papa. All that changes when horrible tragedies start happening. So, Esperanza flees to the USA where something horrible happens to mama. How will Esperanza help her mama before it's too late? Read this wonderful book to find out.

Our favorite part of the book is when Esperanza finds hope to help her loving mother in many different ways. Our favorite character is Esperanza. She is an inspiring character because she has hope, faith, but most of all trust. Miguel went back to Mexico and secretly gets Abuleta from her selfish uncles to help save Esperanza's mama.

While reading this story, it feels like your are in the book with the characters. We think this is a wonderful story because you can feel sad, mad, and happy all at the same time with the characters. Also, we liked this book because you learn some Spanish words. After we read the first chapter we felt sad. We encourage people to read this story if they want to feel what it was like to be Esperanza through hard times in 1924.