1 The Guide to Owning a Hamster

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The Guide to Owning a Hamster

Written by Anmarie Barrie

Reviewed by Clint M. (age 9)

The Guide to Owning a Hamster

This is a book on how to take care of a hamster and what you need. It also tells about some varieties of hamsters like the Chinese Dwarf Hamster. It explains to you how to breed hamsters and also tells about some good cages. The photos are really cute.

I like this book because my heart was pounding to get a hamster and I wanted to learn more about them. I was excited to learn lots more about hamsters. I thought they were regular rodents, but I learned that they only have a short tail. I also learned that some of them can be as big as a guinea pig. What I learned that is special about them is that they reproduce after sixteen days! My favorite part was how the book told me about all the varieties of hamsters and I also liked the photographs of them.

I recommend this book to people who like small and friendly animals because hamsters are small and friendly. You should get this book and get a hamster.