1 Joey Pigza Loses Control

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Joey Pigza Loses Control

Written by Jack Gantos

Reviewed by Ben S. (age 9)

Joey Pigza Loses Control

"Step on the wheel Mom!"

"Joey, let me warn you, your dad is like you but only bigger."

This book is about a kid named Joey Pigza. He is about to see his dad for the first time. Joey's dad shows him how to be a man and not let his mom tell him what to do. What will Joey do? He's gone crazy because his dad has so many different rules.

I think Joey is kind of like me because he's funny. This is also why he's my favorite character. I think Joey will interest people because he asks so many questions. My favorite part is in the beginning when he's going to see his dad. His dad is really funny too. Joey changes at the end, it really taught him and me a lesson. This book is a lot like Joey Pigza Swallows a Key because he has the exact personality as in this book.

I recommend this book to people that like funny, realistic fiction. I think you'll like it because of all the funny things in the book. I think people will like how Joey acts because he always gets hyper! I think Joey Pigza Loses Control will interest readers.