1 Tony Hawk

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Tony Hawk

Written by Tony Hawk

Reviewed by Jake S. (age 9)

Tony Hawk

"Tony Hawk failed the 900 again." This book is about how Tony Hawk went from the worst, most unpopular skater in the world, to the most popular skater in the world. Also, it is about all the main events in his life like when his son was born and when he landed his trick, the 900.

I liked this book because I got to learn all about Tony Hawk's life and because he is the best skater in the world. My favorite part was when he landed the 900 because it was the main thing he tried to do and I didn't know if he could land it. Tony Hawk changed because he was not as confident in himself in the beginning of the book. He didn't think that he could land tricks very well. Later on he started being more confident because he tried harder and he was more successful.

I recommend this book to someone who likes to read biographies about pro-skaters. I recommend this book because you can learn all about Tony Hawk's life. Also, you can find out how and why Tony Hawk is the best skater in the world.