1 The Gold-Threaded Dress

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The Gold-Threaded Dress

Written by Carolyn Mardsen

Reviewed by Kaitlynn B. (age 8)

The Gold-Threaded Dress

This book is about a child named Oy, a girl from Thailand. Oy doesn't have a friend. The other girls are mean to her. Oy wants to be in the clubhouse. Oy brought her Thailand dance dress to their club. Will she get in trouble? Read the book to find out.

The interesting part of this book is: Why didn't Oy as her mom and dad if she could bring the dress to school?

My favorite part is when Oy and Mrs. Bonsub sewed the dress. I felt happy when Oy and Mrs. Bonsub sewed the dress.

My favorite character was Oy. I liked her because she had such a beautiful Thailand dress. I think Oy would be a good friend.

I recommend this book to people age 8 to 48. I also think a teacher would like to read this book to the class. It is a good book because it teaches a good lesson.