1 Dragolin

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Written by Stephen Cosgrove

Illustrated by Robin James

Reviewed by Michael R. (age 10)


Dragolin couldn?t breath fire. The other dragons kept calling him names. Next, Dragolin practiced in the forest to breath fire. An armadillo fell out of a tree and started to laugh. The armadillo tried to cheer him up. The armadillo told him a secret to help him breath fire. Will Dragolin ever learn to breath fire?

My favorite part was when Dragolin blew fire at the end. It was nice because he wished for it and it came true. I felt happy for him. I enjoyed reading this book because it make me feel good. Also, I liked looking at the pictures. They were colorful and helped me follow the story. My favorite picture was of Dragolin after he blew fire and he?s looking up at the stars. This book was really good.

I recommend this book to people who could not do something that they wanted to do before. It is for kids who have ever felt that they couldn?t do something, but try, and believe in themselves.