1 The Wednesday Surprise

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The Wednesday Surprise

Written by Eve Bunting

Reviewed by Maritza C. (age 10)

The Wednesday Surprise

Grandma and Anna are planning a wonderful surprise for Anna?s Dad?s birthday. Grandma rides the bus to Anna?s every Wednesday, and they eat hot dogs and read books together. The wonderful surprise is that when they read together, Anna is the teacher, and Grandma is the one learning to read! Dad is so happy when Grandma is able to read a story to him on his birthday. It?s their Wednesday Surprise!

I enjoyed reading the book Wednesday Surprise. I liked the surprise ending. Anna taught Grandma how to read. This was a surprise; I thought it was the other way around! They were a nice and loving family. I also enjoyed the illustrations in the story. The colors were soft and beautiful. When Anna and Grandma read, you can see what they look like. There is a lot of detail, like the food and the dishes. I could better understand the words when I followed the pictures. The grandmother in the story reminded me of my grandmother. Grandma Carmen stays with me and my brother when my mom is not home. Carmen and I make hot dogs together, too. We give each other kisses. We love each other, like Anna and her grandmother.

I recommend this book to people who like to read about surprises. It is also a good story for people who are learning to read because it is easy. This story makes people feel happy!