1 Morgan and Yew

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Morgan and Yew

Written by Stephen Cosgrove

Reviewed by Faheem B. (age 9)

Morgan and Yew

If you like imaginary stories, then you should read this book. It?s about a unicorn named Morgan and a sheep named Yew. Yew thinks he?s ugly so Morgan gives Yew his horn. Morgan goes away because he can?t live on the island without his horn. Will Morgan ever come back? To find out you have to read this book.

I loved this story! I enjoyed the illustrations. The illustrations were colorful, neat, and hard to draw. This book is like another book I like called Leo The Lop. These books are alike because they both have the same author, teach a lesson, and have the same setting. I enjoyed this book because it taught a lesson, the characters were fabulous, and the pictures were great.

I recommend this book to people who like Cosgrove books that teach lessons. It taught a lesson that is very helpful. I also recommend this book to people who like fiction books because there are things in this book that can?t happen in real life.