1 Werewolves Don't Go to Summer Camp

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Werewolves Don't Go to Summer Camp

Written by Debbie and Marcia Thorton Jones Dadey

Reviewed by John D. (age 9)

Werewolves Don't Go to Summer Camp

Eddie, Liza, Melody, and Howie go to summer camp for a week. They think Mr. Jenkins, their camp counselor, is a werewolf because he eats raw meat and he told them a story. Eddie, Liza, Melody, and Howie find the plants to cure a werewolf. Then Eddie puts the mistletoe and wolfsbane in his camp counsoler's bag. To find out if Eddie cured the werewolf, read the book.

I enjoyed reading this book because what the character said was funny. It was also a little spooky because they saw the werewolf that was really Mr. Jenkins everywhere they went. Another reason I liked this book was because it was disgusting when Mr. Jenkins ate a spider. Howie reminds me of my dad because he is smart. He came up with good plans. Also, he is brave like my dad because he never runs away when he is scared. Last, he is cool like my dad because he has a lot of cool friends. This book is like Witches Don?t Do Backflips because the characters are the same people. The setting is the same because they are both in Bailey City. Both have imaginary monsters, too.

I recommend this book to kids that like spooky stories because there are a lot of on the edge of your seat situations. I also recommend this book to anybody that reads Bailey School Kids Books because they all are the same.