1 Dragolin

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Written by Stephen Cosgrove

Illustrated by Robin James

Reviewed by Tiffany M. (age 9)


Dragolin could not blow fire. Other dragons did not want to play or be with her. Armadillo told her to believe in herself. So, she believed she could fly, but she did not do it. Armadillo told her to believe in what her body was able to do. Will Dragolin ever make a flame? Read this book to find out if she does.

I enjoyed this book because of the illustrations. They showed a lot of feeling. For example, when she was sad the picture had moss hanging from trees and tall, hanging grass. It looked very gloomy. It didn?t look like a happy place. They were very colorful, too. The illustrator used bright and dark colors. The pictures were very realistic. When she ran into a tree, the illustrator drew a bump on her head that was not there before. My favorite part was when Dragolin kept trying to blow fire. She made me so proud because she kept trying. It was exciting because she improved everytime she tried. It also taught me a lesson and a lot of books don't do that. Dragolin was interesting because she did not believe in herself. She did not think she could blow fire. She was curious, too. She does not know why she can't blow fire and wants to know how. Also, she never gave up. She kept trying.

I recommend this book to kids who would like to go through life knowing the right thing to do and to kids who don't believe in themselves. I think this book can change the way you think very easily. I would say this book is for grades 2 to 5. I think kids will like it at those ages. If you read this book and like it, try other books by the same author, Stephen Cosgrove. Every one of his books teach a lesson. Read this book to learn the right thing to do in certain situations.