1 The Hardy Boys: The Secret Agent on Flight 101

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The Hardy Boys: The Secret Agent on Flight 101

Written by Franklin Dixon

Reviewed by Daniel G. (age 10)

The Hardy Boys:  The Secret Agent on Flight 101

Mr. Hardy, the Hardy boys' father, has been kidnapped! Mr. Hardy had gone to a magician?s dressing room. The magician does a trick and Mr. Hardy disappeared. The Hardy boys want to know where their father is. They find two SKOOL agents, Dell and Mr. Smith, who help the Hardys look for their father. Hexton, the magician, is captured. His men are also captured. Read to find out if the Hardys find their father.

My favorite part of the book was when the Hardys went to the castle. This part was action packed because there were goons and a magician in it. This part was also scary because they got caught and thrown into a dungeon. This part was adventurous, too! It was adventures because of how they get out of the dungeon. I enjoyed reading this book because it was hard. It had long words and some I hadn?t even seen before. I also enjoyed this book because it was long. It took a lot of time to read. I mostly liked this book because it was mysterious. It was hard to find out who did it. I felt overjoyed as I read this book because I?ve read other books like it. The books were all mysterious. Also, I knew about the book, but it took me a long time to take it out of the library. I really wanted to read it badly.

I recommend this book to people who like adventures, action, and mysteries. To people who like adventures, the Hardys go off into different states, countries, and sometimes different continents. For the people who like action, there's something exciting always going on in each of the 20 chapters. If you like mysteries, the Hardys are always solving one.