1 Please, please, please

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Please, please, please

Written by Rachel Vail

Reviewed by VM (age 9)

Please, please, please

This book is about a girl named CJ who does ballet and all of her friends play soccer. CJ wants to play soccer, but her mom wants her in ballet class. One day there is a class trip that her mom refuses to allow her to attend. When CJ doesn't return on time on the day of the class trip, her mom searches and finds her. When CJ returns home no one is talking, except her little brother who thought she ran away from home. When everything is settled, CJ still wants to play soccer. Will she get to do it?

I think the book is great because everytime you turn the page, there is a surprise and it is an exciting surprise. The story immediately got my attention when I started reading it. My favorite part of the book was when CJ and Zoe got friendship rings with Morgan and Olivia. I liked that because everybody was happy. Most books I read are about happy people. I am most like the main character. That is because CJ wants to switch sports and I want to switch bedrooms and both our mom won't allow it. We both have asked the same question...will we get to?

I would recommend this book for girls aged 8 to 12 years old. That is because most of the conflicts take place between those ages. A younger girl would not be able to understand the problems. If you like comedy, mystery and hope this book is for you.