1 What Daddies do Best

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What Daddies do Best

Written by Laura Numeroff

Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

Reviewed by Kole M (age 8)

What Daddies do Best

This story is about daddies and their kids and all they can do together. Some of the things that daddies can do are, help you ride a bike, make a snowman, make a delicious cake for your birthday. Daddies can also give you piggy back rides, help you when you are sick, and make you laugh when you are sad. But the story tells us the best thing daddy's give you is lots of love.

I like when you flip the book over it tells you what mommies do best. This book reminds me of things my dad and I can do together. My favorite part is flipping the book over and reading about all the things you can do with mommies too. The pictures are of animals and how their mommies and daddies can help each other just like real mommies and daddies.

I do recommend this book because it can remind you of all the fun things you can do with mommy and daddy. I think kids and grownups would both enjoy reading this story and maybe even doing some of the activities just like the characters in the book. I really like the author's idea of it really being two books in one, one about daddies and one about mommies.