1 Those Can-Do Pigs

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Those Can-Do Pigs

Written by David McPhail

Illustrated by David McPtlaic

Reviewed by Jack K (age 8)

Those Can-Do Pigs

A Can-Do pig can do anything. They can take a ride up and down the countryside. They can stop at Verns to change a tire, and fix the fan belt with some wire. There's even a super dooper can-do pig. He can fly, he can clean, and even lift someone bigger than him. Can-Do pigs can be your friend to stand beside you to the end.

I think it's a cool story because the Can-Do pigs go into outer space and have great fun and adventures. My favorite part is the way the pigs play dress up. I think it's a funny story because a snake kisses them and they aren't even afraid.

I don't recommend this book to kids younger than second grade because it would be hard to read. I think kids my age would find it funny because can-do pigs do a lot. I like the authors style because it rhymes and makes it easier for me to read.