1 We're Going on a Bear Hunt

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We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Written by Michael Rosen

Illustrated by Helen Oxenbury

Reviewed by Madison S (age 8)

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

A family is on a real bear hunt and they keep running into different things that they can't go over or under so they have to go through it. They go through wavy grass swishy swashy, a lake that went splash splosh, the forest sound was stumble, trip, and the snowstorm HOO Woo.

At the end they finally find the bear in the cave and they get chased all the way home. Before they get back home they go through the wavy grass and everything else they went through to get to the cave. Finally they are upstairs, they forgot to shut the door, go back downstaris, shut the door. They finally end up under the bed covers and decide they are never going on a bear hunt again.

I like this story because you don't know what's going to happen next. It makes you want to read all of it to see what's going to happen next. I think you would like this story because the family goes through some wild things during the bear hunt. I really like the illustrations the colors are soft the pictures look real.

I do recommend this book because it tells you what might happen if you go on a bear hunt. I think even four year olds would like this book because it is fast to read. I think the authors rhyming style is what makes the story so cool to read.