1 Arthur's Lost Puppy

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Arthur's Lost Puppy

Written by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Ashlyn C (age 8)

Arthur's Lost Puppy

In the story Arthur and his sister DW takes Baby Kate to the street fair with Pal Arthur's puppy. Baby Kate kept on crying and they didn't know what was wrong or how to get her to stop. They tried all kinds of funny things to get her to stop but nothing worked. Then Pal escapes while Arthur and DW are busy with the baby. Pal climbs on a clown and takes all his balloons. He then flies up in the air. Arthur realizes that Pal is missing and Baby Kate is still crying. Suddenly all the balloons popped except one red balloon and Pal fell to the ground. Pal brings the red balloon home and Baby Kate stops crying. She's finally happy.

I like the story because it's funny especially when Pal flies up in the air and then falls back to the ground. It is also neat because they don't even have a clue that Pal has escaped. My favorite part is when the balloons pop and Pal falls safely down to the ground.

I would recommend this book because it is cool especially when all Kate wanted was a balloon. I think anyone ages 7 to 10 should read it because it is an easy book to read. The characters are cartoons but this is a story that could happen and readers would find that interesting.