1 The Secret School

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The Secret School

Written by Avi

Reviewed by Maggie B. (age 10)

The Secret School

In the Secret School there is a girl named Ida and she is about to go to high school. But this is in 1925. It is a privilege to go to high school so, not many people got to go. In Elk Valley, Colorado there is only one school with grades 1st- 8th. Ida and Tom are in 8th grade and have to take an exiting exam to go to high school in Boulder. Ida's parents may just have enough money to send Ida off to Boulder. But then something happens to their teacher Miss Fletcher. Miss Fletcher's mom had a stroke. Miss Fletcher must go back to the east to care for her mother. The school must be closed because it is so late in the term that the school board won't find the replacement. Ida makes a decision to be the teacher without informing the school board. The rest is for me to know and you to find out.

My favorite part of the book was when Ida decides to become the secret teacher. It has been her life long dream. It is awesome that even though Mr. Jordan (the head of the school board) said that since it was too late in the term to find a substitute, Ida becomes the teacher.

The best character in my opinion is Ida. In 1925 not many woman had jobs. Ida, without a completed education, had a job.

I felt, when I read this book, like, as me being a girl, I could do anything a boy could do-and maybe more.

I recommend this book to mostly girls, but any one who would like to read a good book.