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Stephen King

Written by John F. Wokovits

Reviewed by Michael A. (age 11)

The book I read was titled Stephen King. It was written by John F. Wokovits, and was 96 pages long. It is a biography about a person named Stephen King. When King was growing up he loved to read. He loved it so much that when he grew up he became an author and wrote horror books. Some of his books such as ?Cujo? were made into movies. When he was growing up he did not have many friends because he was fat and wore glasses. When he was seven years old his mother read to him. He really enjoyed this. When he was an author many of his books were rejected but eventually he became famous for them. Also I thought that Stephen King was interesting because he had a mind like no one else did. When he started to write horror and became famous people started to look at him differently.

Stephen King changed a lot throughout the book. He went from a child that had very few friends, to a famous horror writer. There are some illustrations in the book. I thought that they were interesting pictures. One of them was a photograph from one of his movies, ?Creature from the Black Lagoon.? Another one was a photograph of the cover to one of his most famous books, Tales from the Crypt, which was also a movie. He made five or six different chapter movies of ?Tales from the Crypt.? As I read the book I was curious about how Stephen King came up with so many different movies about ?Tales from the Crypt.?

I would recommend the book to anyone who likes horror or likes suspense. I liked the book because I like horror books, movies, and who created them. I thought that the book was motivating because I thought that ?Cujo? was strange. Cugo was unlike any other movie. It is about a St. Bernard that gets bitten by a bat and gets rabies. Then he went around eating people. Read the biography about Stephen King and find out what happens to the Cujo.

I also recommend the book because I thought that it was interesting to know that Stephen King became an author because he liked to read. This book would probably satisfy anyone who likes learning about people. Something about the book that might interest readers is how Stephen King came up with all of the stories and movies that he made and helped make. This book would be interesting to anyone who enjoys learning about how famous people became famous and why Stephen King chose the career that he chose.