1 Maximum Boy-Superhero...or Super Thief?

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Maximum Boy-Superhero...or Super Thief?

Written by Dan Greenburg

Illustrated by Greg Swearingen

Reviewed by Zach V. (age 9)

Maximum Boy-Superhero...or Super Thief?

When the United States of America is frozen in time nothing moves, except Maximum Boy or Max. Why was the U.S.A. frozen in time and who could be behind it? Tortoise Man was blamed by the International Enquirer for freezing time. When Max gets out of school the president calls to say that more than time was stolen. But, Max later is accused of stealing the four treasures of the world, because the security cameras are not working well due to a time freeze. Is Maximum Boy a hero or a thief who steals time and treasures? You will only know if you read!

I liked the plot until the end and that is when it gets too romantic for me. My favorite character is Tortoise Man, because turtles are my most liked animal in the whole world. I have also felt all washed up and over the hill like Tortoise Man when I am not caught up in school, so I can relate to him.

I recommend this book for people who like Superman, because it is a superhero book. People who like surprises would like this book too, because it was full of adventure.